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We cultivate excellence

The company’s name, Sura Green, come from the name of a tree (Sura) which today is within 162 hectares of forest that have been preserved in order to maintain and project the region’s flora and fauna. We believe in sustainable production that combines the protection of the natural environment in which we have evolved hand in hand with culture and the awareness of our staff on everyday task promoting environmental conservation and work motivation. We work on sustainable banana production under the following environmental initiatives:


Bokashi compost is produced in the company by using biodegradable wastes and bananas that did not meet our quality standards. This practice allows us to improve soil’s chemical properties and reduce the use of fertilizers in our plantations.


We seek to reduce the environmental impact of plastic in banana production. For this reason, all plastics used from plating to harvest are collected and sent to be recycled; they are transformed into rope and other supplies used later in our own production


We use water recirculation systems and organic products in the latex dispenser to diminish the weekly water consumption in our operations. We also avoid contamination of riverbeds by using traps for solids in order to prevent the passage od solids wastes into natural affluent.


We use mulches on the soil of the plantation as a preventive measure against erosion. This method helps to avoid decreasing soli fertility and the use od chemicals such as herbicides that, on the long run, damage the soil and fertility of the land.

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