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Proactive Awareness


We will be the leaders in quality and productivity of the banana industry, with a high level of specialization and an optimal use of environmental and human capital


We are a Costa Rican company devoted to agricultural activity, aware of the need to exceed the expectations of all entities of the company: Investors, Employees and Consumers: being at all-time responsible for generating satisfaction and security, within the framework of an environmentally sustainable production


Honesty, Teamwork, Excellence, Commitment, Respect, Customer Service, Creativity.




Our employees are the key to achieving our goals, so our commitment to them is based on providing job opportunities according to the dictates of the national law under conditions of fairness and ethics in pursuit of a common good.

We are aware of the relationship between welfare and staff motivation to maintain employment commitments and the achievement of goals. It leads us to the practice of various social welfare initiatives to benefit employees safeguarding health, safety and education through working committees, company doctor, special events and educational incentives.


SuraGreen Products si a 100% capital Costa Rican company; dedicated to the production, packaging and exportation of premium quality fresh bananas. We have more than 20 years in the banana industry in Costa Rica, becoming leaders in quality and productivity

We ensure in out processes a product that meets the customer’s specifications, and the highest standards od environmental and social responsibility. Our experience and flexibility allow us to meet the requirements of different markets in America, Europe and Asia

Loyalty and commitment to our customers, employees, community and planet have been recognized by obtaining certifications such as Rainforest Alliance and Global Gap since 2002. In 2011, we obtained the ISO 14064 verification which makes us the first Carbon Neutral banana plantation in Costa Rica.

Each of our processes is evaluated every year to ensure our customers a product made under ethical, social and environmental social awareness taking into consideration at the same time the safety of our employees and clients through annual audits verifications at the work place.


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